Message below Hugh Fuller & The Wiserhood team:
Just would like to thank everyone for the condolences, hand shakes, hugs and text messages our team has received on and off the field since the passing of John.
John touched so many people and had very close friends on more then just our team, that says a lot about his character.
Special thanks to the Chargers who we played just a few days after his passing. They lined up on the third baseline and removed their caps and said their well wishes to our team-that meant so much to everyone that night.
Another big thank you to Jamie and the Pirates who had a special jersey made up in the Pirates name and colors-with Pub and 44 on the back of the jersey. They hung it on the back stop for our games and gave it to my Son Matt afterwards-that will never be forgotten.
Play off time was always Pubs favorite time of year. As we approach this time of the season please be thankful that you have your teammates and your opponents to laugh with and just enjoy the game we all love.
My sincere thank you to everyone and to this league.
Coach Hugh & The Wiserhood
League Scheduler, Matt Dunham(Spanky)

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